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Best Time of Day to Take Portrait Photos in Natural Light

The Facts About " Good Lighting" and Shooting in The Bahamas

When booking a portrait session wiwe're always asked, “what's the best time to take our photos?” A lot of persons have heard that you should shoot at sunset, some have heard that a cloudy day is best. But our advice has always been trust the photographer experienced in the location you want to shoot, here's why. Your photographer is the one who has to shoot, and edit photos you are paying for, also that photographer knows and understand lighting, and if you are traveling for you photos, then that photographer knows the location as well. They know where and when the light is good, what direction to place you for the best shots etc. What you may have heard or read on the internet, doesn't stand up to years of photography experience. What is golden hour? Golden hour is a time of day when the sun is low in the sky. It happens twice a day, at sunrise and at sunset. Despite the name, it can last longer than an hour depending on where you are on the earth and what time of year it is. Why is golden not ideal or the best time? Golden hour is a great time to make portraits with lots of lighting gear and equipment, but there are a few reasons why you are probably better off focusing on the time best suited for you shoot and location.

  • Focus Light harder to obtain

  • Light changes quickly

  • The color can be too much

  • Images are more dull with warm (hello) hue

  • Shoot direction as it relates to location may be negative (hotel, buildings etc. in background rather that beach etc)

Why choose the recommended time that works for the location you are staying. Whether you're looking for Baha Mar Photos, Atlantis Photos or just fun Bahamas Vacation Photos, those times recommended by the photographer assures the best images for you session, bright colorful scenes beach views etc. Remember a simple vacation portraits is much different than professional model shoot with a whole crew on scene. Can't you just make it look that way after? Short an is NO! A general rule in professional photography is, the better you shoot the natural image from the camera the better the image is to work with for editing. Photoshopping and photo manipulation are not including in the vacation portrait booking, these cost can ru $20 - $100 per image as it takes time.

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